Mississippi Museum of Art

Jackson, Mississippi


Project Description

The mission of the Mississippi Museum of Art is to engage all Mississippians with art. The renovation of their new building in downtown Jackson  celebrates the museum’s mission of inclusion.  The roof of the existing building was raised and the walls glazed at the entrance to create a light-filled public room, at once striking and comfortable. From the street and gardens outside, visitors see not only the entrance to the Museum but the art, the shop, the café and other visitors inside the building. 

The largest of the museum’s five galleries is dedicated to an evolving exhibition of work by Mississippi artists.  



Rather than create a separate gallery for families and children, Family Corners within the galleries invite visitors of all ages engage with original art. Comfortable furniture and benches encourage them to linger there. 

The gallery partitions stop at 11’-0” so the scale and openness of the original structure is preserved. The floors are covered with a cork tile that absorbs sound but gives a warm and natural feeling to the spaces. Views through the galleries and windows to the city beyond help the visitors orient themselves in the museum and allow unexpected connections between works of art. 


  • Betsy Bradley, Director Mississippi Museum of Art
  • Madge Bemiss, Madge Bemiss Architect
  • Sebastian Meussling, Glave & Holmes Architects 
  • Mike McBride, Dale Architects
  • Archetal, Exhibition and Retail Design
  • George Sexton Associates, Lighting Design
  • Architect's Security Group, Museum Security
  • Ansel Olson Design, Museum Signage