Promontory Walk 

Richmond, Virginia


Project Description

Situated high above the James River and close to the rail yards in downtown Richmond, the 450-foot promontory atop a derelict railroad abutment leads to an overlook with a stunning view of the river and downtown Richmond. The site has been neglected and isolated from the redevelopment around it, but this is about to change. The city of Richmond is constructing a pedestrian and bicycle bridge across the river and building trails that will terminate at this dramatic promontory. 







To enhance and enlarge the view from the promontory, we propose to remove overgrown and invasive vegetation and plant an allee of native sycamore trees with an understory of native plants.   Creating alcoves and adding benches will encourage groups to gather and picnic there. The promontory walk can be reached from the north, west and east via park trails. For those less mobile, a new stabilized crushed stone pathway will complete the accessible route from the parking areas to the south to the dramatic views of the James River and downtown


  • Madge Bemiss, Madge Bemiss Architect
  • Meg Turner, M. Turner Landscapes
  • Stacey Farinholt, Spatial Affairs Bureau
  • James Hill, Special Affairs Bureau